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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jul 3, 2011

     I never realized it until mid week but I forgot to write a newsletter last week. Maybe it is old age creeping up on me and maybe I am a bit too busy right now. The boxes were well received last week as we had many positive comments. In case anyone did not know what the little curly green shoots were in the boxes, they were garlic scapes. These are the immature seed pods of overwintered garlic. They can be added to many dishes, especially stir fried vegetables and meat dishes. They are also pickled sometimes. I had a customer bring me a jar of garlic scape pesto once. Really tasty but you don't smell so great after. We will have a few more in the boxes this week for the second (and last) time this season. I hope you like them. My daughter Katherine cooked some for supper tonight with zucchini and snow peas.
     Zucchini is beginning to produce now. I hope that we can pick enough this week for a taste in all the boxes. There will still be greens and some variation of peas this week. I will probably put carrots in again for the third week in a row because everybody likes them (at least they should). The next two weeks will most likely finish the strawberry season. By this time we will hopefully have the beginnings of raspberries, blueberries, red currants, and sweet cherries. There's many things coming that taste a whole lot better than swiss chard and beet greens. The previous comment reflects the views of Ted  and not necessarily that of the Hutten Family Farm. 
     Many of the summer students that work here after high school is finished will start tomorrow. We are very much behind with weeding, planting, and in some cases even harvesting. I hope that the next couple of weeks will help us catch up with some of this. Each year I watch the weeds begin to overtake some of the spring plantings because I do not have enough local people available through much of May and June.  Maybe in a couple of weeks you will get a newsletter bragging about how clean and weed free our fields are. Wait and see I guess.
     In terms of what we are doing on the farm now, it is hard to think of things that we are not doing. We spend time each day harvesting crops and weeding crops. I still seed and transplant new plantings each week and will continue to for almost two months more. We cultivate with a tractor between different crops to control some of the weeds. Watering the transplants in the greenhouses takes a couple of hours each day. Marketing the produce from the farm takes time as well. We pick and pack the CSA boxes on Tuesday. We deliver them to the drop locations on Wednesday. Thursday a truck goes to the Lunenburg market. And we go to Wolfville and Halifax markets on Saturday. There is lots to do this time of year but it is quite manageable with enough people. Debra and the kids are talking about camping this summer sometime. Actually sounds kind of appealing to me today. Have a good week.       Ted

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