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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday May 30, 2011

     It was very hot today in the valley. We spent a good part of today transplanting leeks into the field. This is about three weeks later than we usually put leeks out but the weather has been a bit difficult. Most of the crops are doing very well; especially the crops that are under row cover. Weeding continues to be a little behind schedule but we are beginning to get caught up in some fields. The zucchini plants under row cover have little fruit buds on them which should become small zucchini within a month. The earliest planting of shell peas have now got little flat pea pods developing. Big changes in your vegetable selection are coming in June.
     Just a few housekeeping notes, if it's getting close to the end of your 12 week CSA, send Debra an email to let her know if you'd like to renew your account.  We don't have an official way online.  Try to remember to put your account on hold for weeks your away by signing into your account on our website with your email address and password, so you don't get charged for boxes.  Don't forget to make your account active again before you want your next box. Also, if you're name isn't on the checkoff sheet at Local Source or hasn't been penciled in by us, then we didn't send you a box.  Check with us or Local Source staff to see if extra was sent.  Thanks everyone for your patience when there has been mistakes and someone misses out on a box.  You can check your account out at

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