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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter

     We are excited to be starting a CSA this spring and look forward to providing you with our fresh veggies and fruit.  Each week you will get your own box of veggies in a rubber tote.  We ask that the following week you bring the tote with you to exchange for your next tote of vegetables.  If you are going to be out of town you can put your account on hold using the website by logging into your account and following the instructions there.  You need to do this at least a few days before your pick up day (i.e. if your pick up is Wednesday, put your account on hold by midnight on Monday).  You won't be charged and you'll need to make your account active again (go back online to the website) to receive your next box. I will send out weekly newsletters letting you know what we hope to have in the standard box and information about the farm and CSA. If you have any questions send us an email or give us a call (678-1460).

    We are hoping to put into the standard box this week- beet greens, spinach, 5 lbs jonagold apples, asparagus, shanghai pak choi,   arugula, and one more thing.

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