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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Apr 10, 2011

     I think that it must have been close to 15 degrees today with the sun shining. It is unbelievable how quickly things are growing in the cold frames now. I ate a spring radish today which would have been very good if I didn't hate radishes. I suspect that we will have baby pac choi within two weeks as well. It looks like we will be able to eat some greens beyond spinach and micro mix very soon.
     The earliest plantings outside also look good. The weather has been cold but sunny and the floating row cover really helps.We now have several different vegetables growing outside under the row cover. I would expect the first field production sometime in early to mid May. We are now very busy planting and transplanting in the fields whenever the weather is suitable.
     Today I took the trampoline out of storage and assembled it for the kids to use. I think that they have been bouncing now for over five hours steady with only a quick break to eat chocolate ice cream. The energy that they have is amazing. It was good today to sit for a while and watch them jump.
     The really good news for everyone is that we are now almost out of cabbage. You may see one more lot this spring and you may not. We are actually almost out of most root vegetables now which may make the CSA boxes a challenge for a couple of weeks. I think we will be OK with new product coming on each week now. I am debating buying some products from a couple local farmers for the boxes if I need to but am not sure about my own production and supply for each week. Hopefully with good weather my own crops will mostly suffice.I guess we will see what I can pick each week and take it from there. Have a great week.

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