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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Mar 21, 2011

     Monday night and the end of a beautiful spring day. We spent part of today cutting down some apple trees that are among the oldest on the farm. A lot of these trees are red delicious and we have been using many of them in apple cider through the winter. Eventually they need to be cut down.
     Each week in the greenhouses we are planting more seedlings for transplanting into fields later on. This week will see more shallots, lettuces, broccoli, cabbage,tomatoes, and globe artichokes planted. We are now planting seeds in two greenhouses because the main one is very full.
     There will be corn salad in the CSA boxes this week. This is also called mache. It is best when you eat it on its own. We just wash it, splash it with vinegar and salt, and eat. It is my favourite salad albeit a bit fancy for my humble roots.  We should have more fresh vegetables and herbs ready over the next several weeks.
     If the weather holds well, we will be planting outside within a couple days. It is both very early and very cold but I think I will take a chance. We had new row cover delivered to the farm today which will protect these early seedings. Just looking at the row cover kind of makes me anxious to plant although I suspect that I am not at all normal.
     Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine.


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