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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Feb 28, 2011

     It is Monday morning and I just came inside from the greenhouse. It is minus 16 right now on the last day of February. Today will be spent mostly seeding spring seeds in the greenhouse. I first have to send out the T4 summary and related T4 slips in the mail since today is the deadline. The first week of March is usually when we start the bulk of the leeks, shallots, celeriac, and early red onions. These plants will be transplanted into the field probably in April. We are also seeding kale and swiss chard plants which will be moved from the heated greenhouse into cold frames in about a month from now. These greens along with spinach, micro mix, and radishes will be the first spring offerings in the near future.
    We really need to get pruning in the apple trees soon. The snow is still so deep that I am not willing to try it yet. I'm either getting old or maybe just plain unmotivated. Walking through 2-3 feet of snow just doesn't seem like fun to me so I will be patient and wait for some melting weather. Then I will be so overwhelmed with spring work and pruning that I will regret my decision to not prune now.That's life I guess. 
     Hope you have a good week.Enjoy the sunny weather that is predicted for this week.

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