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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jan 30, 2011

   The weather for this week looks cool but the days are getting quite a bit longer which is a great thing for the greenhouses. We will have micro greens this week for the boxes. Last week we would have picked some but when we started we noticed a little damage near the outside edges of the heated greenhouse. The cold wind on Monday and Tuesday last week actually caused me a little bit of damage in those greens. We picked a few late in the week and they were fine so we will have some for sure this week.
     We are still having some issues/misunderstandings with some aspects of the CSA. When you put your box on hold for a week you need to go back online and put it on active again after the drop date that you needed to miss.  If you are a customer in Halifax, your name needs to be on the sign off list in order for you to receive a box.  If your name is not on the list, it means that you have your account on hold and we did not make a box for you. Last week a couple of customers did not get a food box because of this misunderstanding even though their accounts were active. We ask that costumers not take a box if there name is not present on the list.  As well as these mistakes we have also made a few mistakes lately for which me apologize.   
     This week we will send a bottle of applesauce made with our apples at the Local Source Market.   It is a blend of two varieties,cortlands and kings. Only a couple customers e-mailed to opt out of this so everyone else will be eating applesauce this week.
     I am currently spending time planning my seed ordering for this year. It is actually stressful for me to do this because buying the vegetable seeds is the primary step in deciding how busy and tired and cranky I would like to be this summer. It is also challenging to find some interesting or whacky new vegetable to grow each season.
     See you

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