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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jan 9, 2011

Hello again. Another week of seasonally mild weather means that we can hopefully eat some kind of salad again this week. Last week we had micro greens in the CSA boxes. The comments we received back were all positive which is great. I am thinking that there might be enough spinach this week but I am not sure until we start picking. I am not listing spinach or micro mix as being available each week from now until later in february.This is not because we do not have them but rather because the harvesting of them is very much weather dependent.Hopefully something leafy and green will end up in the boxes most weeks but the next five are the most challenging. I may predict/promise something in the sunday newsletter that does not materialize by wednesday.This should be seen as very exciting, not at all as a disappointment.
     We are presently getting a woodshed finished to store firewood in for the heated greenhouse. I am really tired of digging wood out of a snowbank.Wet and snowy wood does not generate as much heat either.On the nicer days we work outside. Tomorrow we will return to the field to pick some more green kale. The kale in the field is probably some of the nicer kale I have seen outside this time of year. This winter has not seen any extreme cold yet. The very windy days can damage crops extensively if it is cold but most of the wind we have had here has been with fairly mild weather systems.Thats good.
     I was looking in the greenhouses today at green garlic. This tasty herb should be ready in about two weeks. Fresh thyme,sage, and oregano will follow a bit later.The greenhouse with the herbs in it had some wind damage a few weeks ago which resulted in a layer of plastic being destroyed.It now has less insulating qualities especially at night which will slow things down a little.I will not repair it until late winter when the weather settles.
     Have a good week,

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