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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jan 2, 2011

     Happy new year. It is sunday evening in the valley and it is raining a bit. It might be january 2 but the weather does not feel like it. We had overnight company on new years eve and we all ate baby asian greens with breakfast yesterday. I picked them just before we ate them. Very good !
     The heated greenhouse will have enough greens for all the CSA boxes this week. It should be a nice change from spinach for a local green salad. We find that a little vinegar or vinegar and oil is the best dressing for these greens. They are essentially a mix of asian brassicas and a few lettuces right now. I added some young radish plants for flavour this week. Pea shoots (young snopea plants) will come on stream shortly as well. These greens are fresh picked-take time to wash them because there is sometimes a bit of soil on them. (tastes crunchy).
     If this crazy mild weather continues, we might have enough production to have some kind of green offering each week through the winter in the boxes. Even in a severe cold winter, the next six or seven weeks are the most difficult. 
     We will spend some time now pruning the apple trees. When the weather is rather nasty, I tend to cut firewood because working with a chainsaw keeps you warm. On the nicer days we will prune. We still do the pruning with hand clippers and hand saws. Most larger farms use air pruners that run off a compressor. Pruning by hand helps prevent me from becoming too obese.
     Have a good week.

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