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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Dec 26, 2010

     It says Dec 26 today on my cellphone. I guess Christmas must be over again for another year. We celebrated today with my side of the family. We spent Christmas eve with Debra's side.Today I chased down a traditional Christmas dinner with about a dozen little cream puffs and two slices of apple pie. Apples are good for you.
     This week will be another relatively easy week for us. We will be packing and shipping the CSA boxes but we will not be attending the farmers markets this week. Farmers markets will resume for us in Halifax on January 8 and in Wolfville on January 15. For anyone who put their CSA boxes on hold for the holiday, remember to re-activate when you return and are ready to resume eating vegetables. A diet that consists only of cream puffs and apple pie is tasty but a bit unbalanced.
     It looks like we will be able to put baby spinach in all the boxes this week. The micro-mix asian greens that we grow in the winter in a wood heated greenhouse should be ready the following week. My timing estimates for the micro-greens were a little optimistic;we have sufficient heat but the day-length is very short this time of the year which is causing slower growth. The longer that people wait for spring greens the better they taste (and january is early for spring greens).
     We want to thank the customers who made us the awesome baked stuff with lots of butter and sugar and pecans and chocolate. We actually received several cards and treats. Thank you. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and have a happy new year.


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