Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Dec 19, 2010

     It sure is nice to have electricity again. I am a little bit old fashioned but I do like the convenience of basic electrical service. The windstorm that swept through the valley last monday knocked out power for us for three days. We actually did not suffer any really severe damage from the storm. Many people living in the surrounding communities were not as lucky.
     We want to thank all the people who returned extra CSA boxes last week. We had a huge number of boxes returned after my highly effective e-mail. I plan to complain about many aspects of my life through e-mail since it generates such a great response.
     We will put a lot of vegetables that are fairly traditional holiday staples in the boxes this week. This should be easy compared to packing boxes by flashlight last week.
     Debra and I plan to take some time off over the next couple weeks. We hope that you have some time to spend with family or friends as well. Merry Christmas.

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