Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Dec 13, 2010

     It is early monday morning and I just came in from outside. It is really mild outside today (around 10 celsius) and breezy. We will spend some time around the greenhouses today planting and watering. My oldest coldframe is made of wood and is somewhat less than structurally sound. The weather forecast is for 90 kilometer winds today so I will focus on reinforcing this creation of my youth.
     Recently we have had many CSA boxes returned to us and we thank you for that.  Some customers often forget to return their boxes on a weekly basis which results in us having to purchase extra boxes each week. A few weeks ago we had about sixty boxes missing in action but now about half of them have found their way home. Thanks.
     With the holidays coming up we expect many people to make changes to their box deliveries. If you have guests coming and need to customize your boxes you can. If you are going away and need to put your box on hold for a week or two this is also possible. You can do either thing by signing in to your account on our website at (let me know if you've forgotten your password).  We will be delivering each week through the Christmas season.  We'll have to make some arrangements with the people getting their boxes at the Wolfville Market, Debra will talk to you this week.


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