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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Nov 28, 2010

     There are three sunny days in the forecast this week and that is VERY exciting. We still have leeks in the field which really need to come in. This weather should make that task a little more enjoyable. I noticed a fair bit of chickweed growing in the latest two spinach plantings in the coldframes today. We will hand weed these plantings this week as well,
     Micro mix (really tiny salad mix) seeding is happening each week now in the wood heated greenhouse. The first picking should be around Christmas. Micro mix is one of the winter green crops that we try to grow. The plants are picked between three and five weeks of age depending on the type of plants and the daylength. They grow slower now than they will in february because the days are so short right now. Spinach seems to tolerate shorter day length much better.
     I am spending most of my time these days making wreaths.This leaves the bulk of the vegetable harvesting, washing, and packing to my two main employees. I am quite lucky to have dependable people that we can count on. 
     The last of the French pumpkin slices will be in the boxes this week.I made another curried pumpkin soup today with some added sweet potato. We buy these spice blends called Tandoor spice blends at the old brewery market in Halifax from somebody named "Peggy". They really add to the soup. I also add lots of ginger root which is super yummy. A couple of pears diced into pumpkin soup is also nice; there will be bosc pears in the boxes as well this week
     Somebody told me this week that raw beets are just delicious so I tried one today.It was not a positive experience for me. Have a good week.

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