Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Nov 14, 2010

     This weather is pretty amazing. I stayed on the farm on saturday instead of going to the market because I needed to finish harvesting nappa and other cabbages. We picked about twenty big bins of various cabbages which almost completed the harvest of these crops for this year. The sun went down before we finished but my back felt like it was almost finished anyway.Tomorrow (monday) will finish them.
     Another vegetable that we finished digging on saturday was salsify. Salsify is a black skinned carrot-shaped vegetable from Europe. It was quite common in parts of Europe until around 1900 when it lost favour with a lot of people. I read once that it was associated with simple lower income country people. This made it very appealing to me. It has recently gained some popularity again even in parts of North America. It is sometimes called vegetable oyster. 
     The boxes this week will contain apples, cider (I hope), pears, salsify, bunched carrots, beets, spinach, and more. Hope that this weather continues for a while. It makes life in the fields much more enjoyable (and your lives too).


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