Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Nov 7, 2010

     I think that we have had almost enough rain now. The vegetable field that is directly across from our house is now rowboat accessible only. Excessive rainfall this time of the year will not really hurt much but it makes it very difficult and time-consuming to get the last crops out.As I said before, farmers love to complain about the weather.
     We have made some big changes to our farm marketing this past week. We are no longer attending the Halifax seaport market. I am still at the old historic market at the brewery. The CSA boxes have essentially replaced the sales at the seaport.Debra continues to sell in Wolfville as well.
     I will have to wade through the fields tomorrow to decide what to put in the boxes this week. We are thinking that some leek is quite  likely, spinach is a definite this week again. Sweet potatoes and cabbage are ready as well. The rest of the boxes will have to wait until we see what is in the soggy field.
     Hope you have a good week.

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