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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Sep 19, 2010

     I think that we have enough rain for a little bit now. It is funny when you think about farmers sometimes; we always complain about the weather. This growing year has been one of the most positive in my memory in relation to the weather and yet I can still find fault with it every week.This is likely a character defect.
     We will be spending the majority of our time over the next two weeks picking macintosh apples.The stanley blue plums are ripe and very yummy. Fall harvest of many vegetables also continues. It is difficult to pack CSA boxes because there is so much selection to choose from. 
     We would like all our customers to check their respective account balances online. Some CSA boxes have been left at local source in Halifax over the last few weeks. If a situation like this happened to you and you did not understand that you were intended to receive a box then please e-mail us and let us know what happened. It is hard for us to figure out who left the box behind because some people forget to sign the check-off sheet some of the time. We do not want to charge an account for a box if the customer did not realize that it was there.Thanks for your help in this.
     Boxes this week will have broccoli,blue plums,radishes,turnip,russian kale,cherry tomatoes, and lots more. 

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