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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Sep 5, 2023

As you may have noticed last week; the melon harvest has finally begun. We have placed a "New Queen" watermelon in the CSA boxes this week. They are a crisp and sweet orange fleshed watermelon. Probably one of the sweeter watermelon types this season. The other large fruit looking thing iin the CSA is a spaghetti squash. We have only starting picking a few spaghetti squash. The rest of the dry winter squash like delicata, honey boat, butternut, buttercup, jester, and a dozen or more other varieties will all begin to ripen and make their way into the CSA over the next month. I am quite pleased ( and surprised) by the quality of the squash crop this year. The weather has not been great for cultivation of squash. Hopefully they will store ok into the winter. Traditional fall crops like cauliflower and broccoli and brussels sprouts are doing very well. I expect the harvest of all these crops to begin within the next month. They seem to like the weather that we have been getting. One of the summer crops that has been a total bust this season is eggplant. The plants look so healthy and continue to blossom and abort flowers without setting fruit. We noticed last week that the blossoms are finally beginning to set fruit and we expect a very good crop over the next few weeks. Better late than never. Eggplant will be in the CSA boxes as well over the next couple weeks. As I assume everyone knows, we are now picking apples and pears. I might even pick a few blue plums to eat tomorrow. The plums and peaches and cherries are basically failed crops this season but somehow a few blue plums set on a few trees and I will enjoy them. Time for bed. Have a good week. ted

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