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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Dec 26, 2022

We hope that everyone had a merry Christmas and enjoyed some time off work with family and friends. Hopefully we all have a few more days to enjoy some time for relaxation and connecting with loved ones. The CSA drops in both Halifax and Kentville will be closed this week as usual. We do not deliver CSA boxes on the week between Christmas and New Years. Everything should start up again on the first week of 2023; January 4th. Overall the 2022 season was fairly good. Life has returned to a kind of normal after well over two years of covid impacts. The market has steadily increased with customers over the last several months. I would like to thank the volunteers at the grainery in Halifax who have stepped up and kept the Halifax CSA operating while Melannie needed a few weeks off. Hopefully Melannie will be back facilitating the CSA in a couple weeks. The Halifax CSA is very dependant on Melannie and other volunteers with the grainery. We will have very limited greens in January this year. I have a large woodstove in a heated greenhouse and a local welding shop just finished rebuiding it for me. I hope to have it back in the greenhouse this week and begin planting right away. It will take about a month for the first baby greens to be ready. Spinach and mache and arugula and some randon Asian mustards are all growing in unheated cold frames as usual but we are picking very small amounts at this time. I planted these greens a little later than usual and I see the results of my sloth now. Since the pandemic began there has been a shortage of available seasonal employees to help on farms in the area and it is impacting many of us especially during the very busy spring and fall seasons. I feel really fortunate to have a couple of very long term employees like Gordon and Liz working here. It looks like we should have some really nice ( and alarmingly warm ! ) weather this week coming. I hope you can enjoy some of it. ted

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