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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

Today was a very sunny and cold day here in the valley. After we finished packing the CSA boxes, we went to the field and began harvesting kalettes and brussels sprouts for the winter. We have a very small crop of brussels sprouts this year and the quality is just ok. The kalettes are much better both in volume and in quality. We probably will not be selling them for a few weeks because I am simply too busy with other things. Kalettes are a very time consuming crop to remove from the stalks and package. I do hope that the weather moderates a bit because we still have a lot of kale and leeks and radicchio in the fields as well as some carrots which are presently under the snow. The cabbage is all harvested now as well as the last of the cauliflower. Kohlrabi and nappa and most of the daikons are now inside as well. This time of year I spend most of my time making wreaths and cutting brush for the wreaths in the woods. I enjoy the work because it is a nice change from the intensity of the fall harvest of vegetables and apples. There is a creative aspect to it as well that I like. It will be my focus for the next three weeks. Melannie; the grainery volunteer that facilitates the Halifax CSA will not be there tomorrow. Another volunteer from the grainery will handle the CSA. Please remember that the pickup time for Halifax CSA boxes is from 2:30 until 6:30 Wednesday afternoon. Have a good week. ted

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