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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Jun 20, 2022

It was so chilly when I went to the fields this morning I had to put on a winter coat. Picking kale and kohlrabi at dawn is typically very wet and cold because of the early morning dew but today was unusually cold. Maybe I'm a little more sensitive these days. We have lots of snap peas and snow peas right now. Both will be in the CSA boxes this week. We will also have the first week of strawberries in the boxes. The days of eating mostly greens and apples have come to an end for another season. We are starting to pick a few zucchini now as well as some broccoli and broccolini. I have picked a couple of spring cabbages and a few spring nappa. I even noticed today that the first planting of green and yellow beans is in flower so they should start producing in just over two weeks. Hopefully I have time to weed them again in the next week. The recent rains have been very welcomed and much needed but they made the weeds grow. We are definitely getting behind with weed control now. Some areas of the fields look pretty messy and we need to spend considerable time weeding and cultivating. One of the big challenges in June is maintaining weed control. We are very busy with harvesting lots of crops now but also very busy transplanting lots of other things. Late fall plantings of brussels sprouts and kalettes are going out this week and we are still transplanting different types of melons into the fields. We finally finished planting the last of the winter squash plants today. We are still seeding crops in the greenhouses for later transplanting into the fields. This week and next are when the bulk of the different radicchio plantings are seeded. I think that we have around twenty different radicchio and chicory varieties this year as well as some endives, escaroles, and more puntarelle. Seeding will continue in the greenhouses every week until late August. We just keep planting the transplants out into the fields as they get big enough and than fill the empty space with more new seeded crops. So far things are looking good in terms of crops. Most vegetable crops look very good albeit weedy. The apple crop looks pretty good overall as do the pears. I would guess that the stone fruit crop is light and maybe very light. Peaches look like well under one half of a normal crop. Both plums and cherries look slightly better than that although it is a tricky thing to predict right now. I guess I'll know a lot more in another month. Have a good week. I hope that you enjoy the CSA this time of year. It is probably my favorite time of year for fresh vegetables cooked quick in a little butter. t

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