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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday May 16, 2022

We spent most of today transplanting into the fields. It had finally rained a little overnight and a bit again this morning . Not enough to solve the very dry situation but definitely enough to help and at least keep the dust down. We are beginning to pick the first crops outside now under the row covers. These would be crops like spring radishes, baby pac choi, arugula, various mustard greens, and salad mixes. I suspect the first hakurei turnips from the field by the weekend. I'm hoping that green onions and other things will be ready in a couple weeks as well. The first planting of peas is now about eight inches high under the row covers. Zucchini plants and beans are struggling a bit but are growing as well. The first transplanted brassicas like kohlrabis, spring cabbages, broccoli, broccolini, and various kales are looking very good. I expect the first pickings in mid June unless something unexpected happens. The majority of the greens grown in the unheated cold frames are almost finished now. We have planted some tomatoes as well as some ginger, basils, and some climbing yellow flat beans. These types of crops will occupy the cold frame tunnels for the majority of the summer at which time they will be replaced with different greens and garlic for the winter months. The CSA boxes over the next five or six weeks will be majority greens and spring vegetables. This weeks boxes will have lettuce, rhubarb, spring radishes, bunched kale, and probably a couple other greens still to be decided when I crawl under the row covers tomorrow. We are almost out of storage vegetables now and are actually getting quite low on apples as well. The green garlic that was in the boxes a couple times over the last month is now beginning to produce scapes. They will be ready to pick in another week or two and will be in the CSA at that time. The garlic in the unheated cold frame was a total experiment for me but it seemed to do really well and most people liked it. My main intent with planting it in a cold frame was to try to eliminate an insect that was eating the brassica family of plants. I guess time will tell if that worked or not. Have a good week. ted

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