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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday May 3, 2022

Another sunny day and lots of transplanting to do today. We will be planting the first of the annual cut flowers as well as some broccolini, arrowhead cabbages, and regular head broccoli today. Yesterday we transplanted the second planting of lettuce as well as artichokes. We also spent considerable time yesterday hoeing the first planting of radishes under row covers. Today we will tackle the early Asian greens and hakurei turnips that are about 1.5 inches high under more row covers. I will also seed the first green and yellow beans today and cover them with row covers for frost protection. It is always a bit risky to plant beans now but they usually do ok. I think that I will wait another couple days before I put out any Zucchini transplants. I planted really early the last couple years and had quite a bit of cold damage. We picked the first hakurei turnips from the cold frames today. They will be in the CSA boxes tomorrow. We also picked a little rhubarb for the boxes. There are two types of apples in the CSA boxes this week. The green apples are mutsu and are great for eating. The red apples are idared and they are a cooking apple. They would make a great rhubarb/apple crisp in case you need ideas. I plan to make one myself tonight. I'll try to send a longer newsletter in a few days. The weather is too nice to waste my life on a computer right now. Have a good week. t

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