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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Jan 10, 2022

     It is starting to feel like winter now. We had well over a foot of snow this past friday/friday night as well as some wind. We ended up losing power for over 24 hours as a result which basically meant babysitting a generator and feeding a wood stove for my weekend entertainment. Not a bad way to spend a weekend I suppose although I do find it slightly less enjoyable than I did around thirty years ago. It seems like the power goes out a lot more often than it used to but maybe I just find it more irritating. We had a slight warm up last night but now things are really cooling down again. It will take a lot of firewood to keep the greenhouse warm tonight.
     We did take advantage of the overnight warm weather and picked some salad greens in the unheated coldframes early this morning so we could have them for the CSA this week. The mixed greens consist of arugula, mizuna, spinach, kale, miz America mustard greens, tokyo bekana, red giant mustard, rosalba/ castlefranco/ lucrezia types of radicchio, and some other mild mustards I cannot remember right now. All of these greens have been frozen multiple times when the weather dips at night but they can withstand it.
     The CSA boxes will also have kalettes again this week. Kalettes are a kale/brussels sprouts cross originally from the UK. They are great when oven roasted with olive oil and salt.
     We are beginning to take more apples out of long term storage and so far they look good. Over the next several weeks you will notice that the apples are often more crunchy but sometimes less sweet. Apples that we sell in the fall are often tree ripened with a sweet flavour but the texture declines quite fast. Apples that are picked at an earlier maturity will hold texture much longer when properly stored.
     We have started pruning the fruit trees last week. Pruning, cutting firewood, and snow removal from greenhouses are the primary outdoor jobs right now. We try to work inside packing root vegetables and apples when the weather is too nasty to be outside. 
     Have a good week. Stay safe.


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