Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jun 20, 2021

     We had another surprise rain last night and things are really looking good in the fields. The weeds are also looking very healthy and my employees and I will need to attend to them very soon. After a couple weeks of intensive transplanting we will shift our focus to weeding and cultivating until we get caught up.
     The selection of vegetables is changing each week with carrots and lots of different peas starting now. I expect to have at least two types of peas and baby carrots ready for the CSA boxes this week. Nappa and radicchio and basil are all close to maturity now and we have started some selective harvesting. The red currants are starting to show colour now and soon we will be picking different currants as well as blueberries and cherries. It is difficult to keep up with everything now with many crops maturing and still lots of seeding and planting to do for another couple months at least. 
     It looks like the apple crop is average and the stone fruits like plums, cherries, and peaches are good this year. I'll have a better idea once we are picking.
Have a good day. Enjoy the nice weather.

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