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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Jun 15, 2021

     It must be getting fairly close to summer because I ate some snow-peas, green onions, baby zucchini, and very baby carrots for supper last night. Strawberries to finish.
     We are just leaving to go to the fields to pick this morning. I think that we will have enough snow-peas for the CSA boxes tomorrow and I am pretty sure that carrots and zucchini will be ready for next weeks box. We have picked a few nappa and broccoli and will have cabbages ready in another week or so. The soil is very dry and things are getting dusty but the spring has been very good generally. Hopefully we will get some showers later today and overnight.
     The last couple weeks have been very busy on the farm. We just finished planting the summer crops of sweet peppers, hot peppers, okra, various eggplants, and a ridiculous variety of melons. The winter squash is almost finished planting as well. Brussels sprouts and kalettes were planted yesterday. We now have space in the greenhouse to seed more crops for fall and winter. My daughters are finishing up their school year this week and will seed more crops today. Fall kohlrabi, specialty cauliflowers, broccoli, and broccolini will be seeded today and transplanted into the fields in a month or so. I am trying several new varieties of cauliflower and broccoli this year. Some look interesting and some look crazy but most late fall maturing brassica type plants are appealing because the cold nights in the fall make them taste sweet. We will continue seeding various late maturing vegetables including different Asian greens like guy lon and choy sum well into August. My intention is to have a consistent selection of interesting and delicious fall brassicas from September through early December but the reality of my life sometimes interferes with my intentions.
     The CSA boxes will have snow-peas, bunched toscano kale, and strawberries this week. I will decide the other items when I get to the field.
Have a good week.

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