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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Mar 30, 2021

     Today was a fairly nice spring day but tomorrow is looking fantastic. The valley is supposed to be sunny and around seventeen degrees tomorrow. We have some soil ready to plant and we will begin planting the first crops tomorrow morning. My plan is to seed peas, sno peas, snap peas, carrots, beets, green onions, radishes, hakurei turnips, arugula, and several Asian greens. We will also be transplanting the first romaine and frisee lettuces outside. Everything that we seed or transplant this time of year will be covered with floating row covers to protect from the cold; to accelerate the heat from the sun; and to protect the seedlings from insect injury. This is an early spring. I think that I have only had about four seasons in the last thirty-five years when I could be on the land in March.
     We have been spending a lot of time pruning in the fruit orchards. I think that we are about three quarters finished pruning now. We are still picking the winter greens for a few more weeks in the greenhouses. Spinach and kale and arugula and micromix are the only greens that we have right now but some of the greenhouses have been replanted with hakurei turnips and Asian greens and lettuces which are growing well.
     We are essentially sold out of all cabbages and squash now. Many other root vegetables are almost finished as well. I'm hoping that the early field plantings do well so I can keep some selection of new produce in the boxes. March and early April are difficult months unless you just love eating leafy greens with apples.
     We have had a very difficult time this year again purchasing seeds. I am still waiting on seed orders that were ordered a couple months ago but have not arrived yet. In some cases these seeds should have already been planted in the greenhouses. A few crops are simply not going to be planted because the seed is unavailable. Another problem caused by the pandemic. The good news is that I have bought seed for several vegetables that I have never grown (just because it was available) and some things look super interesting.
     Enjoy the weather tomorrow.

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