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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Feb 22, 2021

     The days are getting longer now and with warmer temperatures we will have some more greens. I expect to have enough spinach and micromix for the CSA boxes this week. It is a good thing that greens are growing now because the root vegetables are starting to get limited. I expect to have some baby kale and arugula ready as well in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I have some small romaine lettuce and frisee lettuces transplants almost ready to plant out into the cold greenhouses. I plan to seed some Asian greens as well in about a week. Basically the seasons are about to change. You will notice a gradual progression to more leaves and less roots over the next couple months. It might seem hard to believe but you might be tired of greens in a couple months.
     The grainery in Halifax has a policy that everyone who enters must be wearing a mask. They realize that some people may have a valid exemption. If you are picking up a CSA box and you do not have a mask on; simply call the grainery (902-446-3301) and ask a volunteer to set your box outside the door.  You can leave the empty outside and the volunteer will bring it in later. This allows everyone to pick up boxes and also keeps everyone safe. Thank you. 
     Have a good week.

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