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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Dec 21, 2020

     We plan to deliver the last CSA of 2020 this coming Wednesday. We will not be delivering a CSA on the 30th of December but will resume on January 6th. 
     Despite the obvious challenges of the covid 19 pandemic; the overall season was fairly good. We still have a good supply of most vegetables and fruit. We are currently spending a fair amout of time in the winter greenhouses as well as the heated greenhouse. I expect the first significant pick of micro mix will be ready for sometime in early January and it should end up in the CSA boxes as soon as it is picked. The other greens like spinach, arugula, mixed greens, mache, and baby kale are all in unheated winter greenhouses so the production in the darkest winter months is lower in volume as well as more unpredictable because I seem unable to control the weather. Everything starts to grow much faster once the days lengthen in February.
     Enjoy the last CSA box of the year. Stay safe.
We hope that everyone has an enjoyable holiday.

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