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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Nov 24, 2020

     With the cold wind blowing today it is starting to feel a bit more like Christmas. Maybe it is just feeling like winter. 
It must be getting closer to the holidays because some genius stole four Christmas wreaths from me last night. I can understand stealing food if you are hungry but stealing Christmas wreaths seems kind of messed up. I have to congratulate the thief however because he/she had excellent taste in wreath selection. They took four large 16" ones with mixed brush, rose hips, bay berries, and fresh holly woven through them. I could not have chosen a nicer selection myself. I truly hope that they enjoy them as they celebrate the holidays.
     Most of our last outside crops are now harvested. We still have a bit of kale and leeks and salsify outside as well as the kalettes. Kalettes are a cross of brussels sprouts and kale and they are very cold tolerant. We will harvest them soon. We have not began to pick any crops in the greenhouses but I think that we will begin with a bit of kale and spinach this week. Crops like micro mix will not be ready until the holidays. Our fall crops were good overall and we should have a good selection of most winter storage vegetables with the exception of red cabbage which mostly failed this year. Apples and pears had a good crop as did all the summer fruit.
     With the steady increase of covid cases in the city I have had increasing numbers of customers expressing concern about social distancing both inside and outside the market. We will continue selling outside but likely in the parking lot across from the brewery. Our wreaths will be sold on the sidewalk in front of the market. I am essentially trying to operate in a way that feels safe and is comfortable for the majority of customers without getting political.
     Please remember to follow the basic public health guidelines when you are picking up your CSA box inside the grainery in Halifax or inside the barn in Kentville. This means wear a mask and maintain some distance from others. I hope things return to a more normal routine by spring. Have a good week.

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