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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Aug 18, 2020

     The temperature was noticably cooler today and we enjoyed picking a couple hundred watermelons with a cool breeze blowing. The first melons of the season will be in the CSA boxes tomorrow. The variety this week is a bright orange watermelon called "New Queen". We picked about a dozen of them last week friday and they were mostly ok. Now they are pretty fantastic. There are also blueberries, peaches, plums, and a couple early apples in the boxes so the fruit component should be well represented. We are still picking very limited amounts of greens; mainly swiss chard and kale and radicchio. We have replanted lettuces, arugula, and lots of other greens that were basically ruined by the excessive heat and dry conditions. I should have enough tomatoes and cucumbers for next weeks CSA boxes. Fall vegetables like squash are basically ready now but I will not put them in the CSA this time of year. There will be enough squash to eat in the winter. We will be harvesting some beets tomorrow and thursday.
     We are picking apples now but only the earliest varieties. I would think that we are almost at the half-way point of peach picking now. There are about four more varieties that need time to ripen. All the shiro plums (yellow ones) are picked now. Just red and purple prune plums left for later in the fall. The melons will be my focus over the next couple weeks. Many of the plantings died from the heat soon after transplanting. We replanted some of them a couple of times with new melon plants and seeds. I am not sure right now how many types of melons survived and how many I can expect to pick but as they ripen we will pick them and figure it out. I am surprised that they are ready and that they look as good as they do. Definitely not my best melon crop by any stretch of the imagination but I was not given the gift of fantastic weather either.
     I really hope it rains someday.
Have a good week.

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