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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Aug 4, 2020

     The heat and dry weather continues. And the eggplants and peppers continue to grow. We already have enough eggplants to put them in the CSA boxes tomorrow. I think that we will have enough sweet peppers to start next week. Melons also love the heat. We always start cutting the odd melon open before they are ready and today was the first day this year that we tried a watermelon. I was surprised at how close it was. It was a red sugar baby type of melon and the flesh was already pink. It tasted sweet but not fully flavoured or textured. One of my employees described it as "not quite ripe but tastes better than imported watermelon".  I think that we are about ten days away from the first ripe watermelons (or melons in general). We have started picking a few more peaches and plums. Plums are in the boxes this week and we should have enough peaches for next weeks boxes. Peaches and blueberries will be the most common fruit in the boxes over the next month. I suspect that we will start picking summer apples by the weekend as well.
     The hot and dry weather has made it difficult for a lot of leafy greens and our production is waning right now. We did pick some really nice arugula and shanghai pac choi today as well as some mixed salad greens. The greens are still under floating row covers to protect them from insect injury but the additional heat that the row covers make is problematic now. Basils and callaloo like the heat but the other greens are not very happy.
     Today we also transplanted a lot of fall brassicas like kale and specialty cabbages and different nappa cabbages into soil that was fairly dry and unwelcoming but the window of opportunity to grow these crops to completion before winter is closing. I have to admit that it was not a particularly pleasant task with the heat today but everyone seemed pleased that we got the plants in the ground. They should have time to grow.
     I hope you have a good week.

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