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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Wednesday Jul 29, 2020

     It is quite possible that yesterday was one of the most miserable and hot days that I have spent in the fields. I have actually probably experienced lots of very hot and humid days in the fields but maybe I block them from memory as a defense tactic. Either way it was hot.
Eggplant loves hot weather and we will begin picking eggplant this week. It will be in the CSA boxes very soon. We also have sweet peppers and hot peppers very close to picking. I previously said that my melon crop was not very successful this year but I may have been overly negative. We did have a lot of mortality in the transplants and we had to replant some of the crop a couple times but things are looking pretty good right now. We hopefully will begin picking some melons in just over two weeks from now. This would make the melon crop about a week later to start than last year. We should have red, yellow, and orange watermelons, charentais melons, honeydew melons, Korean sun jewels, diplomat galia melons, piel de sapo Spanish melons, crenshaw melons, canary melons, butterscotch melons, and prescott fond blanc French melons (like a cantaloupe but smaller).  This is what I planted but lots of them died and I replanted with whatever seed was left so I have very little idea of what I will find until I begin picking.
     We are beginning to pick a few tomatoes as well. They are slow starting this year but they look good overall. We are picking blueberries and currants now. Plums and peaches are almost ready as well. Maybe a few by the weekend.
     In the CSA boxes this week we only put chard in as a cooking green because the weather is too hot to want to cook anything. There are green and yellow beans and salad greens and baby choi and blueberries and cherries and a zucchini. Hopefully you can eat most of it and not have to use your stove too much.
     Enjoy the rest of your week.

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