Hutten Family Farm
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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Wednesday Jul 15, 2020

     We have now had lots of rain and heat and things are growing pretty well. The CSA boxes this week have the last of the strawberries in them. We are starting to pick sweet and sour cherries now and I expect that blueberries will be ready within two weeks. Plums and peaches will follow shortly. The crop of all tree fruit this year looks very good right now. That can change but I feel pretty good about it right now.
     We have some kale and zucchini and snow peas and broccoli in the boxes this week as well as some Tokyo bekana. Tokyo bekana is an Asian green that looks like a loose head nappa and is used for stir frying. We will have more Asian greens over the next few weeks.
     This newsletter is very short because I need to get back in the fields. It is a very busy time of year.
Have a good week.

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