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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

     Despite the crazy heat and dry weather the crops are looking relatively good. We are now finished planting all of the summer crops like the melons, peppers, eggplants, and zucchini. We will start picking zucchini this week. The greenhouses are filled again with new seeded crops for fall. Lots of broccoli, cabbages, cauliflowers, kohlrabi, and fennels and radicchios are now seeded or are being seeded this week.Hopefully the weather will cool a bit. It is very hard on young transplants when the heat is so extreme and continuous.
     The cherry, plum, peach, pear, and apple crops all look really promising this year. I'm not sure why that is but I'm pretty happy about it. The first cherries look like they are about three weeks away from picking. We will have both sweet and sour (montmorency) cherries.
     The CSA boxes have baby carrots, kohlrabi, and strawberries this week. The days of living on greens have come to an end. Zucchini and peas and broccoli and spring cabbages are next.
     Please remember that we will not be delivering CSA boxes next week Wednesday because of the Canada Day holiday. Hopefully most of you can take the day off and enjoy the summer weather. I will be selling in the parking lot across from the brewery market on Saturday morning if you need access to our food. The brewery market also operates a small store that is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am until 2 pm each day and they carry my produce as well as many other vendors products. They will also be closed on Canada Day.
     Have a good week.
Stay safe.

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