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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Jun 15, 2020

     I spent some time in the field today trying to pull a few baby carrots but I will have to wait another week. They are still too small to justify picking although I have to admit that they tasted very good. Carrots are a funny staple. We all seem to get really tired of eating them in the wintertime but when they arrive again in late June they are so good. I probably get more questions about the new arrival of carrots than almost anything else. It looks like the first strawberries are still a little more than a week away as well. I did eat a couple of sno peas today but I had to look for a bit to find a couple big enough to eat. Probably about ten days away also.
     We are still harvesting lots of greens and hakurei turnips. We picked some really nice toscano kale under row covers today. It will be in the CSA boxes. The spring toscano kale is very tender and hardly requires any cooking time if you cook it at all. We also have another picking of nice big romaine lettuce for the boxes this week. The lettuces after this week will be smaller. As the weather warms we will harvest the lettuce heads at a younger and smaller size.
     We have now almost finished planting the melon crop outside. The winter squash is almost all planted as well. Fall cabbages and kales and broccoli and cauliflower are being seeded every week to give us a steady supply from September through late fall. I tend to have a relatively good plan for my fall plantings but every season is different and I always end up having weeks with insufficient supply.
     We have decided to not have a CSA delivery on July 1st. Canada day is a statutory holiday and we will not be offering a CSA that week. The brewery market has a small foodstore open every Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am until 2 pm and my produce is sold there as well as products from many other vendors including the grainery food co-op. It might be worth checking out if you have not been there.
     Have a good week. Stay safe.

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