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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday May 18, 2020

      I am sorry that I have not sent a newsletter in the last week. I had a few people remind me. If it is any consolation my sporadic newsletter habits are only one of several failings that I have. Probably not the most problematic failing either. But I am going to remedy that failing in the short term right now.
     We have a full week of relatively warm and sunny weather ahead of us and we will be very busy. This is the week that I will be planting the late fall and winter crops of parsnips, parsley roots, salsify, burdock, and several other crops. Most of these crops will grow from now until harvest in the very late fall. Some of them will be left in the ground to be harvested in late March of 2021. 
We will also be planting zucchini plants for the third time this year under row covers. They should be safe now. At least I hope they will be.
     We are almost totally out of last years root vegetables now. The boxes are looking very spring-like. We have romaine lettuce again in the CSA as well as bunched french breakfast radishes and rhubarb from the field. I generally put crunchy eating apples in the boxes such as jonagold, empire, honey crisp, and ambrosia.This week the apples in the boxes will be idared. This apple is not a great eating apple but it is a good baking apple. I thought that I would make a rhubarb and apple crisp tonight after I send this newsletter. Maybe that will inspire you to do the same.
     You will notice a change in the greens that you are eating soon. The greens have all been growing in unheated greenhouses until now and they are nearly finished. We are just starting to pick some of the baby greens that we seeded outside in early April and covered with row covers. All of these plants have had at least three seperate snowfalls on them but they have continued to slowly grow despite the weather. We will soon have enough baby arugula, baby kale, and lots of other small greens that we will harvest under the row covers. It is very time consuming to pick these greens but the quality is generally great.
     Just a quick thank you to everyone who is bringing back the CSA totes. It helps a lot on our end when we have enough boxes to pack the CSA's.
     Have a good week. Enjoy the weather.

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