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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Apr 7, 2020

     Today was a great day in the valley. It was about 5 or 6 degrees and sunny. We planted the first significant vegetable planting in the field today. We planted different radishes, hakurei turnips, golden turnips, random Asian greens, arugula, carrots, kale, peas, snap peas, sno peas, and a few mustard greens. Everything was covered with row covers to protect from cold and insect injury and to accelerate the heat from the sun. We were planning to put out the first transplants as well but decided to wait a couple days. The temperature for Wednesday night is supposed to drop to minus 7 degrees which could damage the small plants even when covered with the row covers. We will probably wait until the weekend.
     The CSA pickups have been going very well. The boxes this week have some spring dug salsify in them which we dug out of the field yesterday. For those people who do not know salsify, it is a black skinned root vegetable that was very common in Europe about one hundred years ago. It is sometimes called vegetable oyster but I personally do not think it has oyster qualities. I dislike oysters.
     Salsify should be peeled like a potato and boiled in acidulated water (water with a bit of vinegar) until soft.It is usually consumed with dairy. Some people fry the cooked salsify in garlic butter or just butter. It is often cooked and eaten with cream. I toss the boiled salsify in a white sauce made with heavy cream and butter, sprinkle with nutmeg, and bake it in the oven. Everything tastes good with this recipe.
     The boxes this week contain Jonagold apples, anjou pears, carrots, celeriac, small turnips, green daikon, savoy cabbage, salsify, spinach, and mixed greens. 
Have a good week.

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