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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Mar 23, 2020

     The Halifax CSA drop on Wednesday at the grainery on Agricola street will have a couple changes. The pickup time will be the same; from 2:30 until 6:30 only. Because the grainery is now closed you must pick up during these hours or your box will be donated to charity Wednesday evening. When picking up your CSA box please be aware of others. We ask that you enter the grainery  one person at a time, just give your name to the volunteer, and leave with fresh vegetables. Please be respectful of each other and especially those with mobility issues.
     The rubbermaid totes that we pack the boxes in are no longer available for us to buy. I am told that the supply trucks are basically too busy hauling groceries and cleaning/sanitation supplies right now. Maybe in another month or two I was told today. Please return your totes each week. If you have extra totes at home please return them. We realize that they make lovely toy boxes for kids as well as great storage containers for your junk but we need them returned so we can sanitize them and use them for the CSA. It is possible that we will need to pack a few of the boxes in a new single use cardboard box. This is not my choice but a default choice because of insufficient boxes.
     Please monitor your CSA accounts and watch where your account balance is. With the markets all closed the CSA is now our primary way of staying in business during this crisis. Stay safe and enjoy the fresh spring vegetables.

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