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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Feb 12, 2019

     We have made the decision to cancel the CSA deliveries for tomorrow. The winter storm looks like it will make both delivering for us problematic but also pick up problems for many members. We do not usually cancel CSA deliveries for weather but this storm looks very windy and messy for both our valley members and those in Halifax.
     The winter supply of vegetables is starting to dwindle now but I expect a lot more overwintered greens very soon. I am expecting spinach, arugula,mache, baby kale, and maybe some mixed greens from unheated coldframes in the next few weeks. These crops were planted in October and we are just beginning to harvest and eat some now. The micro mix the last few weeks is grown in a heated greenhouse so I can produce it regardless of weather. The weather has been very cold but we have had quite a bit of sun so the plants are happy as long as I keep feeding wood into the stove on those cold nights.
     Overall when I look back on the 2018 growing season I would have to say that it was probably the most challenging year I have had farming in recent memory. The combination of the June frost (freeze?), the very hot and dry summer, and an extremely cold and wet fall made for a lot of problems in a lot of crops. There are always exceptions every year as well. I had an incredible crop of melons last summer and my apple crop was great. The overall apple crop in Nova Scotia suffered a lot of damage but we escaped it because our orchards are located on the slopes of the North mountain and were protected. Diversity of production always offers some protection.

     Have a good week.

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