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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Feb 13, 2018

     Despite the very cold temperatures today I noticed the first significant changes in the cold frames. The spinach, arugula, mache, and other overwintered greens have grown since I looked at them last week. These plants are impacted by the day length increasing more than by the temperatures. It is a good thing because we are soon going to be sold out of some of the winter vegetables. Winter squash is gone as of this week. I would expect that the csa boxes will be about 50% greens in a month from now.
     We have some really good apples coming out of storage right now. The majority of the apples in this weeks box are mutsu. Mutsu is a Japanese variety of apple which have a very crispy texture and a nice sharp taste.  They are better when used fresh than they are for cooking although they will bake acceptably.
     We spend most of our nicer days pruning the apple trees and picking greens. We pack apples and pears and root vegetables when it is too miserable to be outside. I thought that it was too cold to prune today but my mother was out most of the afternoon pruning. She probably thinks my generation is a bit weak. She might be right.
     Enjoy the winter vegetables while they last. Spring is not that far away now.
     Have a good week.

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