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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Aug 1, 2010

     It's vacation time for many people and we get lots of emails about putting accounts on hold while on vacation.  If you are going to be away and won't be needing your box over your time away you can put your account on hold by going to the website and logging into your account using your email address and the password you chose when signing up.  Here you will see your own personal account, put your box on hold, reactivate your box when you're back, change your pickup location, custom order, and soon you'll be able to renew your account for another 12, 24, or 52 weeks!   We'll be sending you a reminder to pick up your box on delivery day and you can choose to shut this option off by logging into your account as well.
    The humidity is gone now and the nights seem almost fall-like. It's great working weather and really helps to re-energize us.  Crops are continuing to grow well.  We began picking plums this past week.  Peaches are coming soon.  We will be picking blueberries for some time yet but raspberries are essentially finished.  
     This week you'll see callaloo in your box.  Callaloo is a green and purple leaf vegetable sometimes called taro or Jamaican spinach.  It is a vegetable amaranth and has a lot of health value.  You can prepare callaloo in the same way as collard greens or chinese greens with olive oil, garlic, onion and whatever seasoning you like.  We like to saute some chicken first and then steam-fry the callaloo (7-8 min to steam the callaloo).  You can use the whole plant including the stems, chopping into one inch pieces.  Traditionally callaloo is used to make a thick soup or stew and not eaten as a salad green.

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