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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Aug 27, 2017

     I think that I probably have the best melon crop ever this year. We have been picking cantaloupes, galia melons, sun jewels, red, orange,yellow, and pink watermelons for over a week now. They are at their peak this coming week. We will soon start picking honey white honeydew, orange honeydew, spanish melons, and a few French charentais melons to finish off the season. I did not suddenly get skilled at melon growing although I sometimes think that way. It makes you realize how completely dependant we are on the weather during any growing season.
     Most of our late summer, fall, and winter storage crops are looking very good as well. I have a nice crop of parsnips, parsley roots, burdock root, celeriac, and salsify this year.  Our leeks and shallots and onions are also very good. I picked a few delicata squash yesterday but stopped myself because I think they will benefit from amother couple weeks on the vine. My primary fall brassica field is also growing well although the weeds are growing exceptionally. We have been trying to pull huge weeds around the cabbage and cauliflower but it is slow going and hard on the body. We have about three quarters of the field clean now and will focus on the remainder before the summer employees return to school/university.
     Most of our tree fruit is good this year. Last year was an exceptional crop and the overall volume is down this year from last but the quality and size is great. We had a huge cherry crop but both peaches and most plums are lighter than average. I am basing these assumptions from walking through the apple orchards but it is difficult to estimate any tree crop until you start picking.
     Tomatoes have begun (finally) and there will be cherry tomatoes in the CSA boxes this week. We have a beautiful crop of field tomatoes as well. We will be selling them by the case (25 pounds) for canning or freezing over the next few weeks. Cost will be between $12 and $18 per case depending on quality and variety. Send an email if you would like to order some for pickup on Saturdays at the brewery market.
     I am taking the day to go to Halifax with my family. Hope you have a good week.

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