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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

     I just came in from the field chewing on the first sno pea of the season. We can probably start picking them early next week. I also noticed one small yellow zucchini that was ready when I looked under the row covers. The days of eating mostly greens might be coming to an end. We just picked some kohlrabi for the boxes and I think that the broccoli and arrowhead cabbage in the same planting should be ready in two or three weeks. Baby carrots are only a week or two away as well. Lots of lettuce and kale as well but that is less exciting.
     We had a very unusual freak hailstorm last week Saturday at 11 am. It did not hit the farmhouse or any of my fruit trees but it did impact my early vegetable field which is about a mile south of the house. About 50% of that field is covered with floating row covers to protect the crops from insect damage. Apparently it also protects from hail damage. The lettuce, swiss chard, and beet greens were damaged the most. If you look closely at the green onions in the CSA boxes tomorrow you can see the hail damage. I brought some swiss chard to the brewery market in Halifax last Saturday just to show customers how much damage the hail can do. We posted a sign explaining the damage. It sold out in literally a few minutes. This is testament to the commitment and common sense of my clientele. Or maybe everyone just has poor vision.
     Outside of the hail damage things are going well. We are having a very good growing year with a lot of the crops looking good. Every week now there will be new crops coming on which should keep the CSA boxes interesting.
     We have had a small problem at the Halifax pickup recently. Someone has picked up boxes claiming that they are a friend or family member of an actual CSA member. We later find out that they are not known to the actual member but are just taking a vegetable box. It has only happened a couple times and hopefully will not happen again. If it continues we will have to start asking for identification if members send unfamiliar people to pick up their box. The CSA boxes have vegetables in them. They do not contain yummy candy or chocolates. They do not contain drugs. This seems very silly.
     Enjoy the super warm temperatures today. It looks like things will cool down tomorrow for the rest of the week. Have a good week.

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