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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Sunday Jul 25, 2010

     Today the rain was a welcome site as it watered the fall transplants which were planted this past week. The slight drop in the humidity has helped to improve the quality of the raspberries and less are getting moldy plus it's more comfortable to work.  Our blueberry bushes are full of big blueberries and our kids are excited to pick their own tasty snacks everyday. The melons are looking really good and sizing up.  It all seems to be coming on so early due to this warm weather. 
  Halifax Customers
    If you are picking up your box at Local Source in Halifax then this information is for you.  The standard boxes will not have your name on them any longer.  If you are getting a standard box take one without a name. We will only label the custom orders and hopefully have those boxes grouped together.  There will be a tick off sheet, so tick your name off each week letting us know you got your box.  If you make a custom order look for a box labeled with your name and also tick your name off. If you are unsure whether your box was a standard or custom box, check the tick off list and it will indicate which type of box you ordered.  This will hopefully save you and the Local Source staff some time as we usually only have a few custom orders.     

Kentville Customers
     The Kentville Huttens will be gone on vacation for a good part of the summer.  We will still be dropping off the boxes in their barn but the barn will be locked other then drop off times (Wednesday between 12-5pm).  If you can't get your box between these hours please let us know in advance.  We can hold your box here at the farm and make arrangement for you to pick it up from our cooler.  Also a reminder that the back entrance to their property(Smith Ave.) is the best way to get your box as it doesn't block traffic flow in the driveway for Rose's small business.  

      The CSA has seen steady growth which has been very positive for us. Many of the first people who signed up are nearing the end of their 12 week commitment. We will soon have a online system for these customers to continue with the CSA if they chose.
      This week we hope to again put blueberries in your boxes plus sungold cherry tomatoes, several salad ingredients, carrots and more.  Have a great week!

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