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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Aug 31, 2015

     I am just about to leave the house to start hand hoeing in the field. We have many small plantings for late fall that are just coming up and need attention. It is a difficult time on the farm right now because we are in the middle of vegetable harvesting, trying to wrap up planting, and trying to manage some late season weed control. The apple crop looks very good and intensive picking will start in less than two weeks.  My seasonal labour crew includes two educators and three university students all who have finished for the summer so things get a bit busier now for the other employees and myself.
     We still have some late season peaches not picked yet as well as some late plums. I have not picked any pears yet but will very soon. We are picking apples with more (and better varieties) coming soon. Tomatoes and peppers and eggplants are starting in abundance and we still have two more bean plantings to pick. It looks like we will have broccoli next week and cauliflower and kohlrabi the week after. Most of the fall crops look good but they will be smaller in size than last year and maybe a couple weeks later. Most of my fall cabbage and cauliflower and turnips were huge last year so I planted them a little later and a lot closer together this season. Probably a good decision.
     I just heard one of my employees drive in so I'm heading out. Have a good week.

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