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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Jul 6, 2015

     I am willing to bet that my employees are good and tired tonight. We spent a good part of today transplanting and weeding in the 28 degree heat. I was taught that this will build character. I have noticed that not all character traits in people are desirable so I have mixed views on this theory.
     With the recent heat we have noticed a huge change in the fields. We are picking different kinds of peas now with the first snow peas picked today. Baby carrots and strawberries and zucchini are starting. I have a few broccoli and kohlrabi and nappa ready as well. I even saw a few tiny little green beans today when we were weeding the first planting. The sad days of eating nothing but leafy greens have come to an end. Hopefully the rains will keep coming and the crops will continue to do well. 
     Both Sarah (12 years old) and Aleida(9 years old) are eating the first red currants. They are barely ripe and very sour but Aleida thinks they are great. They are looking for raspberries and blueberries as well but it is a bit too early. I did eat a few sour montmorency cherries yesterday but the sweet cherries are about two weeks away I think. We usually have to fight the birds to get the cherry crop.
     I have never had as much trouble with crows as I have had this year. We planted peanuts in a small field and the crows just walked up the rows and ate them the next day. So I planted them and covered them with floating row covers(woven polyethylene mesh) to protect the seeds from the crows. They walked over the row covers and pecked holes through the covers to get the peanuts. You just see little piles of soil lying on top of the row covers and a little hole where the peanut was stolen.  You have to admire these birds even when I wish them dead. They are so smart. Looks like a small peanut crop again this year.
Have a good week.

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