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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Wednesday Apr 22, 2015

     We finally got the first crops of the season planted late monday afternoon. I seeded radishes, spring turnips, various Asian greens, different kales, lettuce, onions, arugula, mustards, carrots, and a few other random things. My employees stayed late and helped me cover most of it with floating row covers until we ran out of daylight. We finished the last row covers yesterday morning in the rain. Not as much fun when it is raining. It is interesting to see a small field planted and still surrounded with melting snowbanks on three sides. The row covers will accelerate the heat from the sun and speed up the germination and growth of the plants. They will also protect the plants from insect injury in May and June. The next field will be planted within a few days with different peas, fava beans, chard, beets, and more.
     We are starting to run out of the overwintered greens that have been making up the bulk of the leafy things in the boxes. Mache is now finished and arugula almost is. Spinach is in the peak of production and kale is coming on strong. You will see kale in the boxes next week I think. This weeks micromix in the boxes is probably the last of the season because the greenhouses are getting full of transplants. It will be replaced with salad mix which should be ready by late next week. 
     The spring seeded crops in the unheated greenhouses will be next. I expect radishes very soon with baby pac choi to follow. Hakurei turnips and rainbow chard and beet greens and mizuna and kogane mustard will all be ready in two or three weeks. These greens and many others will replace the root vegetables over the next month. We are almost out of everything that was stored from last fall; even cabbage and turnips. 
     For those CSA members in Halifax, try to remember to pick up your box at the grainery today between 2:30 and 6:30. The grainery space is small and it is difficult for them to store extra boxes that are left. Thanks to everybody that brought extra empty totes back last week. We had a fantastic return of boxes.
     Have a great week.

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