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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Nov 10, 2014

     This is looking like the last big week of harvesting from the field. The weather is great right now but the cold is coming on the weekend and this will be the end of the season for some things.  Lettuces are basically done and we will harvest most of the Asian greens this week. We are still picking daikon radish but they can only tolerate a few hard frosts and we will see damage so most of them are picked and safely in storage. We have the largest crop of cabbage and nappa ever and the majority of it is picked and inside. Hopefully the rest is in before the weekend. The vegetables that will be left outside after this weekend will be leeks, kales, collards, parsnips, salsify, burdock, brussels sprouts, and a few odds and ends.  
     All of the greenhouses and coldframes are planted and growing for winter. We have micro mix, spinach, arugula, tatsoi, mache, mustard greens, baby kale, and a few lettuces. The intended harvest time for most of these greens is from Christmas until late April. My intended harvest time does not always coincide with the actual harvest time.
     We picked some of the last apples today which included fuji and mutsu varieties. There are still a few drop apples to pick up and ship to the juice plant. Almost everyone dislikes this work but we all do it anyway. Drop apple picking is cold and wet but I kind of like it because it is the completion of another crop year and is therefore satisfying.
     One of the crops that was not overly successful (kind of failed ?) was the squash crop. We do have some squash and will for the next couple of months but the volume and selection is way down from the past two or three years. I guess that is good news if you hate squash. If you dislike cabbage I have bad news but you can probably figure it out.
     Enjoy the weather and have a good week.

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