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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Tuesday Jun 17, 2014

     We finally got a significant rain on the weekend which was more than welcome. Many of the transplants that we have planted over the last several weeks have been struggling from a cold and dry growing season. I spent the entire day in the fields yesterday weeding and cultivating the crops and was impressed at the changes from a week ago.
     The boxes are at a point where you will see fairly big changes. I ate a few snap peas yesterday and a couple little carrots. We will start picking in the next few days. We will remove the rrow covers from the zucchini today and start picking by the weekend. I think that the first broccoli and early cabbages are also getting close; maybe by the end of the month. 
     I feel that this spring has been an unusually difficult growing season. With a late start planting and cold dry weather we are running almost two weeks late on some crops. Most of the berry crops and the apple crop look good at this point. Some of the peppers and eggplants and most of the tomatoes were killed by a severe frost about three weeks ago but we have replanted and things are looking much better than I expected. Overall I feel fairly positive about things now which is probably not normal for me in this occupation. Enjoy the sun; looks like more rain tomorrow.

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