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Hutten Family Farm Newsletter for Monday Sep 2, 2013

     We finally had a few showers today in Lakeville and more is coming tonight. We tried to pull some carrots today but the land is very dry and they would not come out so we gave up. Hopefully with the rain we can get some tomorrow. We pulled some more onions instead and picked some nappa cabbage for the CSA boxes. The nappa looks great and the first fall broccoli should follow within two weeks. We weeded and thinned rutabagas as well today. Some of these will be big enough to pick in about three weeks. The boxes will soon be very fall like instead of the summer berries and fruit. We will still have blueberries for a while and I picked the last peaches today. The peaches that I picked today are very big and beautiful. The variety is called 'canadian harmony.'  The blue prune plums will be picked at the end of next week. I ate one today and it was awful. It's amazing that this sour plum will be ready in less than two weeks. They are so sweet when ripe.
     Most of the fall vegetables are almost ready. We have picked some winter squash and squash will likely be in the boxes next week. We also have leeks ready as well as soybeans. I picked a few peanuts yesterday as well. The fall kale is ready to pick but I am not picking it yet. I feel that you will all get enough kale in the winter so I'll harvest other things right now.
     We received a CSA payment last week at local source in Halifax that we cannot identify. It was a cash payment in a ziploc plastic bag. There might have been some identification in green marker on the bag but it was just smudge by the time that we got it.If this sounds like your payment please call us or email us asap because we cannot credit it in our system until we know who paid it. We also still have two separate cheques (from the same person) from months ago. If your account balance seems wrong please email us and identify the name on the cheques. It is not the name of anyone on our CSA accounts so we cannot figure out who they belong to.
     Enjoy the last weeks of summer and the food that comes with them.


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